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most of the american flags you see are fakes but if you find the real one and burn it then america stops existing and communism wins



-_—- blurry o’l pics i have saved on my phone

Fuck that anime…. Neon jellyvan


The one with the robots


how to ask someone to the prom without 4 kilos of worms

I know this is kind of stepping out of my lane, but it’s kinda important to get this out there. My school decided to form a partnership with this organization called HIP, which educates high school students on health and allows them to access community health resources through peer discussions. In these discussions they talk about mental health, reproductive health, relationships, nutrition, drugs, and alcohol. As part of the program they put up posters around my school which is apparently too much for some kids to handle. It’s gotten so disgusting seeing people laugh at posters about mental illness and sexual assault. I even had a friend get harassed on twitter for defending the posters. I’m sorry but this is all just so ableist.






here she is!

your eye lashes are so long??? wow also your madoka cosplay is really good!!!

they are false lashes, thank you though! half of my face is covered + i used filters trust me i look really gross -_—-  ty anyways pal

Is you blog called dw for doctor who it is it named after Arthur's little sister?

I look gross so I’m probably gonna sell this